MEDS Capstone Projects

The MEDS program ends with a group Capstone project where students work in teams of 3-4 to design, develop and share a deliverable that helps a client to gain insights, answer questions, and/or create communication materials using environmental data. The goal of the MEDS Capstone is to help students build real-world data science and professional skills while working with a client to complete a project using environmental data.

The Request for Proposals opens in the Spring for the following year. For more information about Capstone projects please visit the Bren School MEDS Capstone Projects.


Summer 2022 Activity
August 11 Capstone project kickoff
August 19 Writing a capstone project proposal
Week 5 Student nominations for capstone committee
Week 6 Student elections for capstone committee
Fall 2021
October 14 Proposals Due
November 16 Capstone Project Reveal & voting begins
Week 10(ish) Capstone project assignments announced
Winter 2022
February 17 Draft Design & Implementation plan due
March 8 Design Plan Presentation
March 17 Final Design & Implementation plan due
Spring 2022
May 5 Draft technical documentation & repository due
June 2 Final Presentations
June 9 Final project materials due


Capstone Project Guidelines
Peer & Self Evaluation Form
EDS 411A/B Website
Compute guide for your google group